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UPDATED: Princess Marie in Ganni, Longchamp and an old Paule Ka coat in Naestved

Today, Princess Marie was in Naestved to visit the Kählers ceramic factory.

The old workshop was renovated into as headquarters, flagship store and historic exposition.
She was there to visit their new headquarters and to inaugurate the historic exposition.

Marie saw the ceramic work of the factory during her visit of the exhibition. The first Kählers vase in the pottery workshop was made 175 years ago.

It seemed that Marie really enjoyed this event. Her Lady-In-Waiting was with her and she looked very lovely too.

For this event, Marie wore a new flower print dress by Ganni
She wore this dress with an old Paule Ka coat which is one of her favorite. She first wore it in her first official portraits in 2008. She then wore it while inaugurating a street carrying her name in 2009 after Prince Henrik's birth. She last wore it last year for the Opening of the Parliament, when she modified it to remove the bows on the waist.

Joachim and Marie visit the UN City in Copenhagen

Yesterday , Prince Joachim and Princess Marie visited the UN City in Copenhagen.

Joachim and Marie toured the building and the campus with more than 1500 international staff.
UN City, which is a star-shaped building, has received a lot of awards for its work for energy efficiency.
The couple also met with 10 representatives of UN organizations in Denmark.
For this event, Princess Marie wore a By Malene Birger jacket that she owns since 2014 . She paired the jacket with a black skirt and a white top that seems new to me and her old UFO black clutch. She also wore her By Malene Birger black pumps that she owns since 2013.

Photos :, bymalenebirger, billedbladet

Princess Marie in Holte with the Danish Ski Federation in repeated UFO clothes

Today, Princess Marie was in Holte, northern Copenhagen as Patron of the Danish Ski Federation since 2010.
She was there to attend and start the DM Roller Ski Club competition , a long-distance race on roller skis.

Adults had to race 45,2 km and children had to race 6,4 km . Marie waited for them at the arrival line.

For this event, Marie wore a UFO blue jacket that she owns since 2010 at least with a white blouse that she first wore in 2012 to a DanChurchAid event. This blouse is UFO. If you have any ideas , please share !

With this look, she wore white pants that she owns for a very long time and open toe shoes.


Princess Marie in Love Lou and By Malene Birger in Odense

Yesterday, Princess Marie was in Odense for 2 official events. In early afternoon, Marie visited the Hans Christian Andersen's Children Hospital.

She was there to inaugurate the new multi-purpose area. In addition to the inauguration , she met with children and young people being treated in this hospital. She was also shown the new sensory garden in the courtyard.
Next, she visited the new day section who treats children and young people suffering from disorders of the gastrointestinal system. ( This 4 year old little girl seemed really fond of Marie!)

Marie is collaborating with the hospital since last year to help promote the work done by Children's Hospital to treat children and young people as well as promote the need for activities that provides positive experiences and eases a little the hospitalization for the children and their families.

But Marie first visited the hospital in 2013 and two other Children's Hospitals in 2013 and 2015 before the start of this collabo…