Princess Marie at the Wadden Sea Festival in Alexander McQueen and Hugo Boss

Yesterday evening, Princess Marie was in to visit the Wadden Sea Festival which is one of her patronages.
The cultural festival reunites artists from 12 different countries who will show their work to the visitors. The work is a reflection of their interpretations of the area's culture and identity.

The German and Dutch part of the sea were added to the World Heritage list of UNESCO in 2009 but not the Danish part which was only added in 2014. Then, Princess Marie, as Patron of the Danish National Commission for UNESCO since 2009, and Joachim , as Patron of the Wadden Sea Center, hosted a reception to celebrate the event.

For this festival, Marie wore her Alexander McQueen light pink blazer and her Hugo Boss white short-sleeved blouse.



She debuted this pieces together in 2015 during a visit to an Epilepsy center. Both of them are sold out.

2015/ billedbladet
She also wore black pants and old UFO black ankle boots. For her jewels, she choose to wear her Christine Hevplund necklace with the 'H' and 'A' initials.

We will see Marie again on September 6th in Odense for her visit to a children's hospital.

Photos:, lyst, billedbladet


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