Princess Marie in Myanmar with DanChurchAid

Earlier this month, Princess Marie made an humanitarian trip to Myanmar with DanChurchAid as their Patron. I'm only writing about this now because I wanted more information about this trip and DanChurchAid was a great help for this, so I thank them for their help.
Princess Marie is DanChurchAid's patron since 2010 and made several humanitarian trips with them.
She visited a number of villages and projects that aims to support the population in having a better life. The two most important topics were poverty reduction and human rights but also hygienes, access to clean water and sanitation.
Marie and the DanChurchAid team were accompanied by Danish donors who are interested in the long-term effect of their donation in the development of the projects. Myanmar had a big economic development but this development has not reached the poorest villages and populations.
They visited the center part of the country , small villages near Inle Lake. One of those villages had not yet received help from DanChurchAid and another one had been part of a DanChurchAid project for one and a half year. A village gets approximatively three years of help from the organization. One of the biggest contributions that they do, other than the materialistic help, is that they teach them how to continue to develop without the aid of DCA and how they can insure a more stable income for themselves.


DCA also teach the women about their basic human rights. DCA sent me this photo of Marie and a women from a small village sharing a really sweet moment. This photo wasn't published on Kongehuset , and therefore is an exclusivity!

DanChurchAid (by email)
Here is what Princess Marie said to DanChurchAid about this trip to Myanmar :

"It was very encouraging to see how simple tools can help to create better conditions for the poor and vulnerable families. The people learn to organise themselves in saving and loan groups where they can take turns borrowing for larger investments like a sewing machine or a goat which, among other things, enable the families to earn their own money and thus feed themselves. It has touched me deeply to feel the pride the people take in the progress they have been able to make themselves."

I don't have much too say on the fashion side of this trip because i'm guessing most of her outfits are unidentifiable but the white blouse with light blue embellishments was first worn in 2008 in Cayx. I can also tell you that the yellow bag she carried is new but still UFO.

I always love seeing Marie doing humanitarian trip with DanChurchAid, it always results in great photos of great moments but it also allows us to discover and learn more about DanChurchAid's projects.

Again, a big thank you to DanChurchAid for their information and the photo they shared with me!

Photos: Kongehuset, DanChurchAid,


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