State Visit from Belgium to Denmark - Day 2

Tonight, to conclude their State Visit to Denmark, King Philippe and Queen Mathilde hosted a reception at the Black Diamond in Copenhagen, after spending the day with the Crown Prince Couple. Princess Elizabeth attended as Princess Benedikte didn't.
Marie repeated a black sleeveless dress , first worn in March 2016 that is unfortunately still UFO. She also wore it in August 2016. This dress was voted best evening outfit for Marie by you at the end of the year!
March 2016/billedbladet 

August 2016/Billedbladet
She wore the same shawl she wore in March 2016 with her Bally peep toes first worn in 2009 and her UFO black clutch first worn in 2009 too.

Marie wore old UFO earrings with her Christine Hvelplund ring and bracelet.



We'll see Joachim and Marie tomorrow afternoon , at the opening of Bakken.

Photos:, billedbladet, bally, christinehvelplund


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