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Prince Joachim and Princess Marie attends a Commemorative Dinner for the Army

Tonight, Prince Joachim and Princess Marie , along with Crown Princess Mary, attended a gala dinner hosted by Queen Margrethe in honor of the Army at Fredensborg Palace.

This gala takes place every three year and honors the soldiers receiving the King Christian X Medal for Good Service awarded to soldiers with more than 25 years of service. The award was created on September 26th 1945, on King Christian X's birthday, and is awarded on the same day each year.

When they arrived, Prince Joachim told photographers he was looking forward to the evening as he works in the military himself. Indeed, he works daily a special advisor on developing a new full-force concept that will strengthen the use of volunteers in the Home Guard and personnel of the reserve, without being paid obviously, and he is Colonel in the Reserve.

You can see a video of the arrival here and here.

For this gala dinner, Princess Marie looked absolutely gorgeous in her new black gown from Danish designer Ole Yde.


Princess Marie opens 'Small Animal Veterinary Euro-and World Congress 2017'

Yesterday , Princess Marie attended the official opening of the 'Small Animal Veterinary Euro-and World Congress 2017' at the Bella Center in Copenhagen.

This congress is actually a meeting between two congress. This year marks the 42nd edition of the World Small Animal Veterinary Congress organized by and the 23rd edition of the FECAVA Eurocongress (Federation of European Companion Animal Veterinary Associations). It allows all the associations and organizations related to small animal veterinary to meet and discuss about their jobs, their different methods etc...

Princess Marie made a speech to officially open the four days congress before watching a ballet performance.

Upon leaving the event, Princess Marie told Billed-Bladet's reporter that she had always had pets in her life even when she was a child. Princess Marie's dog Apple is 12 years old now.

For this event, Princess Marie wore an old Giorgio Armani jacket first worn in 2013 (no stock photo yet, but you can …

Princess Marie attends AIDS-Fondet's "A Generation without HIV" event

Today, Princess Marie was in Skodsborg to attend AIDS-Fondet's event for the campaign "A Generation Without HIV". Princess Marie is Patron of AIDS-Fondet.

AIDS-Fondet launched the "A Generation Without HIV" campaign aiming to prevent Ethiopian mothers to infect their children with HIV during their pregnancy, the birth or breastfeeding. Indeed , in Ethiopia, 25% of the babies born of an HIV-infected mother is infected by HIV too at birth and 100000 children live with HIV.

 AIDS-Fondet works with local organizations to develop an easy method that would prevent this infection but they also work on spreading that method so that it can be efficient. This method takes into account the difficulties Ethiopian women face and try to improve their daily life and hygiene. Since the women are often poorly fed, they can't produce enough milk to breastfeed so the organizations gives milk for the mother for the six months after the birth and then to the child for the next …

Princess Marie visits the Chemical Emergency Management Center

Today, Princess Marie was in Copenhagen to visit the Chemical Emergency Management Center as Patron of DEMA.

The center is celebrating its 50th anniversary in 2017. The center was created in 1967 as a part of the Danish Emergency Management Agency.

During the visit, Princess Marie was introduced to member of the staff who showed her how they work and explained what their missions were. The center aims to manage every emergency situation related to chemicals as best as they can. 

They can identify the chemicals involved in the disaster and how to best deal with the possible risks of such chemicals being near the population. They also promote Chemical Preparedness.
Princess Marie also learned more about the tools the staff use on the field such as measurement tools in the HaxMat car.

Princess Marie wore her DEMA uniform. She wears this uniform to each DEMA-related events except if they are training days or more formal events such as reception.

We'll next see Marie next week, on the …

Prince Joachim and Princess Marie attend Flag Day Ceremonies

Today, Prince Joachim and Princess Marie attended Flag Day ceremonies. Flag Day is each September 5th and honors those who have served for Denmark and every year since 2011, one couple attends the ceremonies in Copenhagen. Last year, Crown Prince Frederik and Crown Princess Mary attended.

This year, both couples attended. Crown Prince Frederik and Crown Princess Mary attended the ceremonies in Copenhagen. Prince Joachim and Princess Marie attended the ceremonies in Skive for the first time. They first attended a service at Skive Church.

Then, they laid a wreath at a memorial at Skive's Kaserne.

The couple had lunch at the Kaserne where they learned about its history. It was a special commemoration for Skive's Kaserne as fifteen years ago, they lost three soldiers during a mission in Kabul.

They finished the day by watching the military parade in front of Skive's Kaserne.

For this event, Princess Marie choose an appropriate outfit , wearing her Zara ruffled coat first worn …