Princess Marie visits the Chemical Emergency Management Center

Today, Princess Marie was in Copenhagen to visit the Chemical Emergency Management Center as Patron of DEMA.

The center is celebrating its 50th anniversary in 2017. The center was created in 1967 as a part of the Danish Emergency Management Agency.
During the visit, Princess Marie was introduced to member of the staff who showed her how they work and explained what their missions were. The center aims to manage every emergency situation related to chemicals as best as they can.

They can identify the chemicals involved in the disaster and how to best deal with the possible risks of such chemicals being near the population. They also promote Chemical Preparedness.
Princess Marie also learned more about the tools the staff use on the field such as measurement tools in the HaxMat car.
Princess Marie wore her DEMA uniform. She wears this uniform to each DEMA-related events except if they are training days or more formal events such as reception.

We'll next see Marie next week, on the 14th, when she attends a AIDS-Fondet event, as Patron.



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